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A Role Playing Game based in Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic Universe
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The general gist of it is that this is a Tamora Pierce roleplay game for the Circle of Magic universe. All books are considered facts in this roleplay, up to and including The Will of the Empress and Melting Stones, which happened simultaneously. Find out more at The Premise Post

Your Modly Types:
  ♦ Kate: Mod of Awesome. Smart mod, the One Who Figures Out Things
  ♦ Kim: Mod of Chaos. Likes to procrastinate, but still Gets Things Done.
  ♦ Meegs: Mod of Nice. Helpful mod, the One Who Guides Newbies

“Möbius is awesome because I named it! :D” — Mandy

Möbius layouts, icons, and banners are all courtesy of the lovely theropicus, who deserves plenty of recognition and admiration because she makes things pretty.

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