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13 January 2008 @ 07:18 pm
RULES and FAQ - Step Two  


- Drama. Out of game drama is never fun. It puts stress on a RPG, sometimes taking it to a breaking point. Many RPGs have failed due to OOC drama becoming chaotic. The more it builds up, the harder it is to squash it when it's finally brought to the light. If you're having a problem with one of the players, bring the problem to a mod. - Mary Sues. Gary Stus. Perfect Characters. Nobody likes perfect characters. They're dull, they're boring, they're the sort of character you like to avoid RPing with. Please, PLEASE make sure that your character has a proper amount of faults. Quite simply, it makes them more interesting when they lack perfection. Clumsy, bitchy, cruel, rash, and snobby are far more interesting traits for a character to have than gorgeous, loved, adored, fashionable, perfect, graceful.

- Godmoding. It's no fun when someone else decides to control your character without your permission. It leads to characters acting in ways they normally wouldn't. It leads to mischaracterization. It leads to players becoming pissed off that someone else messed with their character. Just don't do it. Unless, of course, the player gives you permission for light manipulation of their character. For example, giving you permission to have their character leave the thread, etc.

- Gorgeous Played Bys. Not every person in the universe is going to be gorgeous beyond belief. Try some creative searching when looking for a played by. We're not saying your character needs to look similar to a troll (Good luck finding a PB that even remotely resembles one!) but we don't want a bunch of super models roaming the game, either.

- More than three characters. The mods believe that once a three character limit has been it it is awfully hard for anyone to pay as much attention to characterisation as they should. Because of this we are enforcing a three character limit, meaning that you may not play more than three characters at a time. We also encourage sensitivity when considering which characters to apply for- if you have one major canon character already it is courteous not to apply for other major characters unless the spot has been empty for at least two months.


- Capitalization, grammar, spelling. This is not the game to bring asterik roleplaying to. We want people who can actually write. We're not demanding posts that have paragraph after paragraph of text, but we would like to see proper capitalization. We would like to see proper grammar. We'd love to see words that are spelled the way they were meant to be spelled. We'd love for members to glance over their posts for errors before pushing that post button.

- Activity. We're not saying you have to update weekly. In fact, we're not giving you a specific number of updates you need to make. We're not telling you how often to thread. We are, however, encouraging activity. We're particularly encouraging activity when you're playing a character that is either canon or is involved in a plot. When playing one of those characters, you have an obligation to remain active.

- Being responsible when it comes to mature content. We would like to keep the community free of sexual content. The community has a rating of about PG-13. If you'd like to thread something with a higher rating, you may do so in your character journal. If you choose to do so, please put such threads on a filter as well as marking the thread with its rating. Preferably, you should put the mod account on the filter although it's not mandatory.

- Use common sense when you're making your character's livejournal name. Use a name that works for the character. Make sure that the name relates to the character in some way. It can relate to their magic, their interests, or it can include their actual name. Please DON'T use numbers when choosing your character's lj name. You can use underscores, but no numbers. Please.

-Commenting to the 'monthly updates' post. Every month a request for a monthly update about what your characters have been doing will be placed up in the mod journal. We would like for this to be considered mandatory to reply to, but you don't have to enter in a large comment, or even a paragraph. Even letting us know 'Little Bear has generally been lazing around, although he did have a run in with the librarian's ginger tabby so has been nursing a sore nose' is quite long enough. More thorough instructions will be posted once the game has been running for a month.


WHAT ARE THE COMMUNITIES FOR? There are a few communities for Möbius, but once you know what they're each for it's very easy to navigate around the RPG.
mobius_mods is where all of the community-wide information posts are kept. This includes the settings post, the cast and character post, the application and guide, along with urgent notices. A handy little quirk is the monthly character update, which includes information on what each character has been up to in the past month. The mod journal is filled with tags which will help you get around.
mobius_apps is where you post your application once you have read all of the starter information, including the Application guide.
mobius_threads is where the third-person narrative style 'threading' will happen- where you play your character with someone else's character and create a scene or story. The threading community userinfo has more thorough information in regards to what each entry in the community should look like. Threads here can take place in the present, past, or even future of the time that is currently being played.
mobius_letters is so very helpful in a community where not all characters are in the house next door! This community is for letters written in first person that your character sends to other characters. Like mobius_threads it has instructions of how entries should be structured in its userinfo.
mobius_ooc is the out of character community for Möbius. This is where you get to talk as yourself, not your character. Drama won't be tolerated here, but the mods agree that one of the best things about being in RPGs is the people that you meet, so we certainly encourage you to linger around there every once in a while. There is no prototype to post here, so post whatever and however you like.

WHAT IF I HAVE A QUESTION THAT I CAN'T FIND AN ANSWER FOR? The mods are always happy to reply to queries and questions. If you don't want to leave a message for us on any of the entries we have made (LJ notifications are turned on) then you can always drop us an email at the.mobius.mods@gmail.com and we'll reply as quickly as we can.