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13 January 2008 @ 07:19 pm
The year is 1045 K.F.

With the turning of the new year, many occupants of the lands near the Pebbled Sea are hoping for a new life.  Many want for their dreams to be realised and many still simply wish for change.  Some wish for success, others to be reunited with family, to fall in love, or even just to survive another year.  What does your character hope for?  In Tamora Pierce's world of magic, anything is possible.

You may select from a range of available canon characters to play, or create your own original character.  Play is done though narrative style threads in mobius_threads and through written correspondence in mobius_letters.
13 January 2008 @ 07:17 pm
This is a simplified list without any information pertaining to the characters listed. To view such information either click on the linked character names, or refer to the extended character list which contains most significant (and insignificant) characters from the books, along with a descriptive paragraph beside them.

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13 January 2008 @ 07:15 pm

Magic is everywhere – it's a commonplace everyday thing for a lot of the inhabitants of the universities and living circle communities like Winding Circle, but it's considered increasingly rare as you move out into less academically minded societies. If you plan on having a character with magic you must read this page so that you can find out about magic as it is roleplayed in Möbius. 
The following list describes the various forms of magic which have so far appeared in the Circle books. While original characters may posses other forms of magic not found on this list, you are encouraged to stick to what is canon when choosing your character's particular form of magic (if he or she has magic at all). Please take the time to check out what talents and types already exist before deciding on a talent or type of magic for your character.

Additionally, there are certain abilities which the initial "circle" of children possess that are particular to them – Tris is 100% accurate with her weather prediction and able to scry wind, Sandry is able to weave magic like a physical thing, Daja grows living metal on her hand. These abilities are unique to these characters. The chance of another character discovering that they possess any of these abilities (or an ability that is very similar to any of them) is highly unlikely. While we encourage you to think of new magics for your characters, we would prefer that these were not exceedingly unique magics. For instance, if you make a music mage we would prefer for them to not be absolutely powerful and do not want music magic to be thought comparatively rare to say, smith mages. Inclusion of any truly unique and powerful abilities which do not have their origins in canon will be scrutinised in applications, but if it is well thought out and reasonable you shouldn't have too much of an issue.

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theropicus. Seriously. For a not-mod she does an awful lot of work.